Sunday, April 23, 2017

Book Inspiration

One of the questions I was asked for my interview was what inspired me to write RESET. At the time, I drew a complete blank. It's been bugging me ever since, and I finally remembered!

My kids love the movie Big Hero 6 (I like it too, as it happens). The five-year-old in particular loves music from movies, so we'll often buy a couple songs off a soundtrack to listen to in the car and around the house. The Big Hero 6 anthem is "Immortals" by Fall Out Boy, and during the fall of 2015 we listened to that song on repeat every day.

The lyrics of that song wormed into my brain, especially part of the chorus: live with me forever now. It got me thinking about immortality, and how it might work, and what struggles you'd face if you lived forever. That's certainly been explored in books before, but it was the concept of your mind aging while your body didn't that stuck with me. From there I came up with the idea of the resetting, and how it could prolong your life subjectively even though your body wouldn't age at the same rate. Once I decided that it would be torture not to be able to control that, I was well on the way to fleshing out RESET.

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