Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Query Kombat 2018 Round 1 Matchups

Our 64 kombatants have been revealed. Now, it's time to find out who you'll be going against in Round 1. Use the #QueryKombat hashtag to find your opponent on Twitter. Trash-talk is okay, just keep it friendly! 

Quick reminder: Round one kicks off at 8am on June 1st. It'll be hosted across all three blogs! Visit this post for commenting guidelines

Capes and Clorox vs Pollyanna Saves the World 

Planet Panic vs Robot Hacker Girl 

Feminist Rumpelstiltskin Reimagining vs You Octopi My Heart 

A Boy Named Pez vs Not Missing. On the Moon 

Carrion My Wayward Son vs The Kids Aren't Alright 

Eradicated vs Canary Girl 

Cowboys vs Zombie Pirates vs Dream a Little Bigger, Darling 

#SexEd vs Fate Doesn't Care About Your Plans 

Fire, Magma, & Metal vs God's Dead, Now What? 

Punk Rock Waitress Rules vs Absalom, Absalom! 

Raspberry Moon vs The Principal is One of Them

Sister Witches Who Kick Butt vs Hell in a Handbasket 

GG: Found Family vs Cake N' Books 

Don't Mess with an Assassin Mom vs Found Wanting 

Tequila Mockingbird vs O Sister, Where Art Thou? 

I Wish I Was White vs Bite Me, PTSD 

Short Girls Pack More Sass vs I Found a Magic Stone in Paris 

I Can Keep a Secret vs Shiver Me Timbers 

Dr. Wannabe Ballerina vs Got Me a Daddy Map 

Swimming with the Amoebas vs I Kidnapped the Prom Queen 

Why Are You So Obsessed w/ Me? vs Cherry and Ben Camp and Kiss 

Lady CEOs Are Sexy Too vs Mississippi Amnesia 

Unnaturally Dyed Boutonniere vs How Not to Be a Nazi 

Peace Pays What War Wins vs War and Redemption 

My Babysitter is a Skeleton vs A Deep Choice 

#HackTheVoid vs The Jo and Empty Show 

Fake Invisibility T-Shirt vs Einstein Stinks 

This Wasn't in the Job Contract vs Never-Beings 

Trapped in My Worst Day Ever vs Love in the Time of Prosciutto 

Hungry Ocean Gods vs Farmer Jack is Trapped in a Carrot 

Neurotic Aliens in Manhattan vs I'll Stand Bayou 

No Heroes Here vs Twisted Red Riding Hood


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