Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Tidying Up Tuesday: My Stuff

Once again, my Tuesday got away from me and I had to do my tidying on Wednesday. It was time to tackle my side of the master bedroom.

My dresser, a catch-all spot for things I want to keep. The floor in front of my dresser is also a storage place.

The closet is just full of stuff piled up, as is the floor space between the closet and the table.

My bedside table is another catch-all spot. I'm sensing a theme here. And perhaps an explanation for why my room is so untidy.

Ryan was at work, and I knew he'd be busy with a renovation project when he got home, so I didn't bother with his stuff. Hopefully we'll get to it later this week.

You know the drill by now: I took all of my stuff out of the bedroom and piled it up in the living room. 

When I was about halfway through I had convinced myself that it wasn't so bad; I didn't really have that much stuff, it was just unorganized. But by the time I'd gotten it all out to the living room it was clear that I just had a ton of stuff. That also happened to be unorganized.

I swept the floor and dusted after getting everything out. The closet had legit cobwebs in the corner. So gross. 

After sorting and discarding, I put the things that I had a place for in their spots right away. The stuff I didn't know where to put got sorted in the living room.

The "keep, but where?" pile

My biggest priorities were to have an assigned spot for my purse, nothing in front of my dresser, and to get the printer out of the hallway into our bedroom.

Ta da! Room for the printer!

Look at that closet!

Nothing in front of the dresser! Those bags are on the side, they don't count. And the top of my dresser is so much tidier!

You might not be able to tell, but my purse is on the lower shelf of the table instead of on the floor in front of it. SUCCESS!

I am really happy with how tidy my side of the room is. If we weren't planning on moving out of this house soon, I would get some shelves for the closet to make it more manageable, but for now it is fine. Having the floor clear makes such a difference in navigating the room. I can't wait to help Ryan with his half!

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