Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Tidying Up Tuesday: Ryan's Stuff

We are casually getting ready to sell our house, which has meant a mad rush to finish up the renovation. Ryan has been working his butt off to paint and put up trim in our bedrooms this week, but he took the time to go through his stuff before he did the reno in our bedroom.

Here are the before photos. You'll notice our walls were not completely painted when I took these:


Bedside table

Ryan had a lot of papers and random items on his side of the room that he had to go through. Here's his pile:

It doesn't look like much, but once he started sorting it... exploded!

We recycled a lot of things, and made storage plans for the others. I need to get him a photo album and some boxes for mementos, plus a paper tray like the one I have in my drawer.

After sorting, Ryan put the finishing touches on our room. And a few days later...

The walls are all brown! And there's room for Ryan's table to face out, so he can use the drawer!

My next project is moving my clothes into the closet now that the bar is up.

My next project really should be the kitchen, but since Ryan will be tearing it apart for the renovation, I feel like maybe I'll just discard stuff and not worry too much about organizing it? I dunno...

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