About Me

Hello! I'm Kara Reynolds. Thanks for visiting my site. If you're here, I assume you want to know more about the books I'm reading, or books I'm writing, or what I'm blogging about. Those tabs up above should help you out.

I write fiction for teens, read books for everyone, and used to blog weekly at Operation Awesome. Sometimes I still can't keep my writing brain from overflowing, so I blog about writing here. Staying involved with other writers is important to me; I am an assistant at a literary agency, and have served as the president of the committee that oversees the Whitney Awards

This is my family. I think they're pretty great. I stay at home with my three kids, which I enjoyed a lot more before the pandemic hit. Online school has taught me that I do not have the patience to be an elementary school teacher. Sorry, kiddos. 

I love Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, all that jazz. I like to let my nerd flag fly whenever possible. Languages fascinate me; I studied Spanish from middle school through college, with a year of French in there just for the heck of it. I'm learning Korean now--the goal is to someday be able to watch K-dramas without using subtitles.
I have a Master's degree in Genetic Counseling, which I used to teach a class called Genetics 101 for Writers at the Storymakers Conference a few years ago. If you ever have a genetics-related question for something you're writing, hit me up! 

Need to drop me a line? contact@karareynoldswrites.com
Twitter: @Kara_Reynolds7